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Client bio:

Leam Comic Con​ has been keeping comic con about comics since it was kick-started in 2014. It is an independently run show that attracts big name guests, while championing small press talent and celebrating its home town.

Executive summary:

The convention’s creator had a dream to put on the very first comic-book convention in his home town but didn’t have the money to fund it. He asked No Fluff Communications for help designing and implementing a crowdfunding campaign to pay for the project, while raising awareness of the show for it to become a permanent fixture in the convention calendar.


Together we:

  • Achieved the crowdfunding target (60 days)

  • Attracted 1,000 visitors to the debut show

  • Generated widespread press coverage

  • Financially secured the future of the show

  • Won an Outstanding Achievement Award


Our client had never put on an event before or attempted a crowdfunding campaign but had spent a long time researching popular comic-book conventions and successful crowdfunded projects. He needed to reach a wide range of audiences and convince them to part with their money within just 60 days for the crowdfunding element to be a success. To secure the future of the show, our client had to sell tables to seasoned pop-culture dealers and inspire comic-book fans and the local community to buy tickets to his debut event so he would have the money to fund a subsequent show.

How we helped:

Working with our client we developed a strong brand identity, which helped to boost his credibility and gain recognition within the UK comic convention circuit and his home town. We put in place a marketing strategy that served as a framework for measuring our goals and achievements along the way.


Consistent and sustained marketing content helped to excite and encourage people to part with their money quickly. We focussed on the opportunity for people to be part of something special by helping to put on the Town’s very first convention.



Our client had a strong creative approach, so we helped him to make his brand and vision a reality by extending the ‘celebration’ of his town in everything we did - the logo, imagery used, stories we told, show activities and the local freelancers we used to support the local community.

The results:

This inaugural crowdfunded fan event was a resounding success and brought a splash of colour to a rural English town, but it achieved much more than that. We helped our client make his dream a reality and secure the future of his business venture – the show is now an annual event!



We created a strong brand that celebrated the town and surpassed the original crowdfunding target to raise almost £2000 in just 60 days. We helped raise our client’s profile and credibility, which helped him to sell all his dealer tables and attract 1,000 visitors on the day. The debut show was dubbed “a marketing masterclass, that experienced showrunners could learn lessons from” by one of the comic-book industry critics, and we went on to help our client win the Leamington Business Awards' Outstanding Achievement category in 2015.


We thoroughly enjoyed working with this client and learnt from him about comics along the way, but we reckon he’s the real superhero in this story.


Thanks! Message sent.

Banbury, Oxfordshire

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