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I love to plan! In fact, I’m on a mission to get as many other entrepreneurs and small business owners as possible to ditch the fluff for the strategic stuff. This daily planner isn’t complex because planning shouldn’t be. It's just a fun way to light a fire within you to crack on with daily tasks.


If you’re a serial procrastinator, a lover of lengthy lists you rarely get to the bottom of or are guilty of setting the bar too high and forgetting just how much you’ve accomplished, then this is the list for you.


This practical, easy-to-use list separates out what’s ‘necessary’ from all the ‘bright ideas’ that pop into your head throughout the day to help promote good mental wellbeing and effective planning. The number of items you can add to the list is limited for good reason!


Once you’ve trailblazed your way through the ‘necessary’ take some time to rest and re-charge before switching back on and tackling your ‘bright ideas’. Remember, “from a tiny spark may burst a mighty flame,” but if you’re out of gas you’ll just be stationery (get it?)


It's easy to rush through life without stopping to notice or appreciate how much you do, which is why I've included room to note down your extra achievements, and a tick box to recognise when you've been a total genius!



- 1 digital download file (pdf) in A4 format to print as many times as you like at home or at a print shop.

- All files are in high resoultion (300 DPI), for the best printing quality

- You can open them in Adobe Reader which you can download for free.

- Please note you will not receive a physical item, listing is for a digital file only.

- Please note that colours can vary from screen to print depending on printer.




While sharing might be caring, please do not forward your download file onto others who have not paid for it. After all, I need to earn a crust!

Instant Digital Download A4 Bright Spark To Do List

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